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Devons are cheeky, mischievous, lovable pixies of the cat world.

Once you are owned by a Devon you will know love, fun and cuddles. Suitable for single people to families.

Devons are very social so shouldn't be left alone, they need human or another pet for company. 

An easy to look after cat, low shedding easy to groom and the occasional bath for the grubby kids. 

American Shorthair

Are energetic sweet cats they love to play and the company of people. 

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 Located in South Australia, Adelaide

Welcome to the wonderful world of Devons

My Story


I have been breeding my beloved Devon Rex for 12 years. I am a practicing Veterinary nurse and have been so for 33 years. Veterinary care for my cats and kittens it a vital part of my breeding program. My breeding cats are DNA checked for hereditary diseases. My Devons are blood typed which is important in Devon Rex as they are not all A group blood type.

I am located in Elizabeth South Australia.  My passion for cats led me to specialize in breeding Devon Rex cats. I take pride in the fact that my cats are raised in a loving and nurturing environment, and I ensure that they receive the best care possible.

My kittens are socialized so when they go to their new homes, they feel comfortable in the home environment. I have a little Griffon so they are comfortable having a dog in the home. 

I will be breeding American Shorthair in the future. I am excited to be breeding these gorgeous cats.

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