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FIP Information

What is FIP, Feline Infectious Peritonitis ?

This is a disease presents in 2 forms Wet FIP and DRY/Neurological FIP. Wet FIP presents with a very distended Abdomen, inappetence, coughing, lethargy, high temperature and breathing problems. Fluid fills the abdomen and can also fill the chest this becomes a critical situation, and you need treatment asap.

Dry / Neurological FIP is harder to detect, but the same symptoms apply High temperature, Inappetence, lethargy, wobbly on standing, unable to walk. loss of sight and coughing. 

Not all cats will exhibit all the symptoms, but if your cat is unwell please have a full blood panel done. 

FIP is being diagnosed more frequently now that Vets are more aware of FIP, it's still a battle with some vets that don't diagnose FIP even though it can be a simple as taking a history and doing blood tests. I have added great link for advice and information.

The survival rate is improving all the time, with better treatments more readily available, it's still unsure how the Corona Virus mutates into FIP in some cats and not others. There are factors that have been noted that they believe causes FIP. Stress is a big factor, and age, generally younger cats under 2 yo and older cats becoming sick. 

Vaccinations, being desexed and moving to a new home is thought to be significant in the development of FIP. It's my practice to space these events apart to alleviate the stress factor that is causing FIP.

Its is a requirement when purchasing a kitten that you have Pet Insurance so in the case that kitten does become sick treatment is finically available.

Top breeds with FIP

January 2024

  1. Rescue and Shelter cats

  2. British

  3. Maine Coon

  4. Birmans

  5. Ragdoll 

  6. Devon 

  7. Sphinx

  8. Bengal

Heart Conditions

Devons can suffer from Heart conditions. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy ( HCM ) is where the muscle in the heart walls thickens and becomes rigid, and is fatal with no treatments available. It's important that you do not breed from cats that are known to pass on this fatal condition. I do not have this heart condition in my breeding cats. 

You can occasionally have a kitten with an idiopathic heart condition causing a heart murmur. Murmurs are diagnosed in Vet checks between 6 to 12 weeks. Further investigations can give you a diagnosis, this can be helpful for treatment options. Medications can help with quality of life, unfortunately the life span is drastically reduced. Its very important to have you kitten checked by a vet at vaccinations to ensure there aren't any heart problems.

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